12-Year Old Google App Creator Owns 3 Ferrari’s.

Meet Callum, He’s only 12 years old and he’s the owner of 3 Ferrari’s. At least thats what he tells a reporter in a video from fGear.TV. Callum claims that when he was 9, he created an app which Google purchased from him for £8.5 million. Shortly thereafter, he bought his first Ferrari 355 and has since purchesed a Ferrari 458 and Ferrari 599 GTO. As much as we would like to believe this inspirational – entrepreneurial little genius actually exists, the story is vague and un-verified. There is is also the little matter of an earlier video, also done by fGear, of Callum at 9 yrs old with his first Ferrari. In that video, the young Ferrari owner and his father claim the first Ferrari was a gift from Callums Grandparents.

Truth or a Hoax? You watch and decide.

We want to believe it’s true, but we’ll wait for verification. So please, come on out Callum! If your story is real, you will be an inspiration to little entrepreneurs all over the world. If not, we will have a good idea of what the “f” stands for in “fGear”. Watch the videos below and decide for yourself.

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