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MoltoMoney: A Guide To Rich Living

   Let’s begin by defining the word “molto” It’s an Italian word which means: much, many, loads, lots, stacks and plenty – get the drift? Joining it with the word money is our way of creating a term that describes the essence of our website, it’s about money…Molto Money!
   We cover stuff that costs molto money. Places to spend molto money. Ways to earn molto money. And our favorite, people who give away molto money. So, whether you’re a successful mega mogul looking to drop a million dollars on a cool new toy, a big dreamer looking for a little motivation to keep focused on the big prize, or a kind hearted philanthropist looking for a cause, you have found the right place.
   Explore our site and enjoy our frequently updated postings of fine luxury products, exotic cars, amazing resorts, opulent homes plus stories of successful entrepreneurs, great inspiring people, and even the occasional satirical story about…what else…MoltoMoney!

Live Life Richly