How to Beat the Monday Morning Blues


How to make monday mornings tolerable has always been one of life’s greatest questions.
The Cult Branding Company has published the answer with these three simple rules.

#1 – Breathe Slowly, Steady and From Your Belly

Bring your awareness and attention to your breathing. Take a slow, steady, quiet, deep breath in through your nose. Feel your belly expand on the inhale and allow the air to naturally escape your nose or mouth on the exhale.

#2 – Smile, It’s Contagious

If you smile more around the office, your employees will likely smile more often too. Smiling helps people relax their defenses; it promote a clearer mind; it improves moods; it makes people feel more content; it brings people back to the present.

#3 – Be Thankful for the Stuff You Take for Granted

Each morning this week, as soon as you arrive at the office, smile and give thanks for the awesome power of today by saying these five magic words: “Thank you for this day.”

Their wisdom goes well beyond monday mornings though, as these three rules could and should be applied to enhance your life – everyday!

Read the entire article at Cult

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