Mecum Auction: Sinatra’s Jaguar, McQueen’s Motorcycle and Elvis’ Caddy are on the block!


Frank Sinatra’s Jaguar at Mecum’s Celebrity Auction.

Get yourself to Santa Monica, California the weekend of July 26th 2013 for a chance to bid on Frank Sinatra’s personal car, a 1989 Jaguar XJS. The car was Mr. Sinatra’s daily driver in his later years, according to Mecum Auctions. Another fascinating item related to Mr. Sinatra, that will also be at auction, is a scathing letter written by Sinatra to the Chicago Tribune Columnist, Mike Royko. The letter, written in 1976, was a rebuttal¬†to an article Royco wrote accusing Mr. Sinatra of “punching old drunks” and “wearing a hairpiece”. The accusations pissed off the “Chairman” to the point of personally replying to the columnist. In the letter, Sinatra challenges Mr. Royco to a couple of $100,000 bets. The first bet asked the columnist to “prove” Sinatra ever punched an old drunk. The second bet reads like this – ¬†“I will allow you to pull my “hairpiece”, if it moves, i will give you another $100, 000, if it does not, i punch you in the mouth. How about it?” Gotta love ‘ol Blue Eyes, tough guy. The letter and article are mounted on a wood plaque, a great piece for any collection.

The King and McQueen.

The King: Another car being offered is a 1972 Cadillac Estate Wagon custom made for “The King of Rock N’ Roll” Elvis Presley.The car was a personal driver for Elvis. It spent some time in Las Vegas but was returned to Graceland, Elvis’s famed residence in Tennessee. The car includes; tan leather interior an 8-Track stereo tape player and custom 24 karat gold plated spoke wheels with 24 karat gold Cadillac emblems.

McQueen: Over 53 items related to Steve McQueen are being offered at this auction. They include three vehicles owned by the late actor. A 1971 Husqvarna 400 Cross motorcycle which McQueen rode competitively, a 1969 Chevy baja race truck and a classic 1931 Harley-Davidson VA motorcycle.

Many more “Movie Star” cars and other celebrity items available . . .

John Lennon’s Prescription Sunglasses
Dennis Hopper’s 1968 Husqvarna 250 T Commando
Ringo Starr’s George Barris built 57’Chevy Bel Air and Power Ring
Betty Davis’ 1980 Ford Mustang
1973 El Camino from “My Name is Earl” TV Show

Celebrity Auction

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