The Consolatio: A Car Bed For Big Kids

Remember when the backseat of your car was the only place you could get some private time with your boo? Now you can re-live those exciting times (without the fogged up windows) with this unique bed by Morgann Paull, the Consolatio car bed

Add some extra fun to bedtime

The headboard incorporates two leather seat backs that resemble the seats of an automobile. They make it comfy to sit back in bed and read or use your imagination and pretend you’re sitting in your convertible at an old school drive-in theater. Add to the authentic car feeling by pulling down the center consol armrest with built-in drink holders. The car bed’s sleek platform design is covered in leather reminiscent of a fine luxury automobile. Form also meets function as this sturdy bed is made of MDF and offers ample storage space for books, remotes and anything else you’d like to put in the trunk.

Paradise by the (head)board lights

Create your own backseat love story in the safety and sanctity of your own home for a little under $4000. No foggy windows, no peeping toms and no policeus interruptus.

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