World’s Top EDM DJs Make Millions in 2014

The Forbes list of Electronic Cash Kings puts Calvin Harris in the #1 spot again for 2014.  According to Forbes, Harris took in an estimated $66 million over the past 12 months. It’s the second year in a row at the top for this EDM guru, trumping last year’s take by a whopping $20 million. His solid Las Vegas contract, a Coachella gig and connections with Rihanna and Kesha, plus lots of hard work, are what Forbes says kept this superstar on top.

David Guetta takes the #2 spot with his 12-month estimate coming in at $30 million. While Avicii and Tiesto share the #3 spot each earning an estimated $28 million for the same time period.

The world’s highest paid EDM DJs of 2014

#1 Calvin Harris: $66 million

#2 David Guetta: $30 million

#3 Avicii: $28 million (tie)

#3 Tiesto: $28 million (tie)

#5 Steve Aoki: $23 million

#6 Afrojack: $22 million

#7 Zedd: $21 million

#8 Kaskade: $17 million

#9 Skrillex: $$16.5 million

#10 Deadmau5: $$16 million

#11 Hardwell: $13 million

#12 Armin Van Buuren: $12 million (tie)

#12 Steve Angello: $12 million (tie)

The art of spinning records has hit a whole new high.  Be sure to catch a show!

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